Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toddler Bed "Fun"

Little Evan guy now sleeps in a toddler bed. . . . . well at night. He goes to bed just perfectly at night. He does not get up one single time. Well he has done it for 3 nights now anyway. He will not take a nap in it though. Day one he fell asleep at his closed bedroom door and day 2 he didn't go to sleep at all after being in there for over an hour. He doesn't throw a huge fit or anything. He just knocks on his door and kind of cries a little. The knocking is pretty funny! Well hopefully he will get the hang of it soon and return to the days of 3 hour long naps that he was taking just days ago.

Great Gift Idea

If you are having trouble thinking of what to get your little one for Christmas this year here is something that Evan just loves to play with!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fierce Boxer

He's got his game face on here. I thought it might be kind of dumb to take him trick or treating since he's only one, but I felt like a boring mom to do nothing. We threw this costume together and we were on our way. He actually caught right on and loved it. He did such a good job carrying his bucket and even managed to say a version of trick or treat. We only went to like 3 houses, but he got a pretty nice stash. It was actually really fun. Yeah- it's warm enough here for him to go shirtless.