Tuesday, October 28, 2008


BRRR! It was cold here today. It dropped all the way down to the 40s. I think Evan looks so cute in his little sweat pants. I just keep smiling when I look at him.

Pumpkin Patch

I am really not good at blogging. I post a few pictures and write a little bit. That's just what I do though so oh well. I don't see it changing. Here is Evan at the pumpkin patch. It's a pretty cute place to take pictures and Evan had fun running around and riding the train. Melissa has some really good pictures on her blog from the big event.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Future makeup artist?

Here is Evan showing off his attempts at putting on makeup. He loves it! He has mascara on his cheek and quite heavily in his eyebrow. I also believe there is a bit in his hair. That is a pretty good first try if you ask me. What a cutie.

Riding in Style

Aaron always creates fun for Evan. It's not surprising that Evan guy is just SO excited when Aaron gets home.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grandmas are the best!

Evan and I were able to go visit my parents and other fam for a week. It was a really great trip. It's important for little kids to get to spend a good amount of time with their grandparents especially since it takes some time to get to know eachother again. We had so much fun and we want to do it every year. This is just a picture of Evan with some of the goods he brought back from the land of enchantment.

More salsa please!

Evan loves salsa. He likes to dip his chips himself. Then he'll either just suck the salsa off or go ahead and eat the chip along with it. Note- you may want to think twice before eating the salsa here. His double dipping is just not pretty.

Shopping trip turned ugly

We went grocery shopping the other day and while we were in the store it started to rain so hard. We finished up and did not want to wait so we braved the weather and got completely soaked. It was like I had jumped in a pool- seriously. It was actually kind of fun because Evan thought it was pretty funny. He was having a great time!